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We usually give in to our food cravings and regret later. Why? Mostly because either we eat more than we are supposed to or whatever we eat isn't good for our health. But why do we always have to think before giving in to our temptations? Why can't we eat which satisfies our taste buds?

Diet4You helps you in identifying your body needs and creating a diet meant for satisfying both your needs and cravings.

With daily meal plannings and constant doubt clarifications via phone/ WhatsApp, Diet4you intends to help you overcome all the obstacles present between you and your body goals without compromising.

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We try not to only satisfy the body's needs, but also the heart's desires. With various issue-specific programs, we customize diets without compromising on taste or appetite. We don't believe in starving or bland food and make sure the diet is fulfilling for our customers.

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"We are what we eat"

Check out our blog posts to know about the food that you are consuming and healthier replacements for your favorite dishes without compromising on the taste.

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Client Stories

Happy clients = happy us!
Read here our achievements with these legends who overcame all the hurdles with their continuous efforts and strong determination. It takes a lot to change one's lifestyle. Not only did they embraced the change, but also managed to utilize it to the maximum.



“I was at my lowest when I contacted Diet4you. I was struggling with PCOS and weight gain. Not only did Diet4you helped me with my weight issue and PCOS, but it also helped me with gaining back my confidence.” 

-Kavya Sharma

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